It finally stopped..thank god.

Anonymous asked:
No serious employer is ever going to hire you with that stupid huge tattoo there.

Okay, I’m about to fucking go off on you. That is fucking disrespectful okay? I fucking lost my grandpa to cancer and he was my only grandpa that I had, he meant the fucking world to me. And for you to say that to ME, is downright fucking disrespectful. You can insult me all you fucking want, but as soon as you insult something that is very close and dear to my heart, I will be fucking pissed and upset. So just fuck right off. Jesus fucking christ.

See this? This is my daily reminder..that’s pretty much what I’m doing right now. My tattoo may have something to do with cancer, but that slogan is something I will always live by. Never give in. Ever. I’m a strong person.

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